Want to Optimize Next Year's Mother's Day Display? Check out Mixed Reality.

Posted by Gina Joseph on May 11, 2018

Testing Mother's Day marketing strategiesMother’s Day spending was expected to reach a near-record $23.1 billion this year, according to the annual National Retail Federation survey. That’s great news for retailers and brands—as long as they’re prepared.

We’ll have to wait to see how it all shakes out, but it’s a good guess that the companies who best understand how their customers shop during the third largest retail holiday will profit the most. Technology is helping to do just that, by helping create new in-store ideas that integrate into the way people shop today. For holiday-focused in-store marketing, mixed reality is the solution many brands and retailers have turned to.

For example, a major retailer and leading food manufacturer were collaborating on a holiday-themed display for the baking aisle. To understand the best approach the retailer asked the manufacturer for detailed insights into how shoppers move through and shop this aisle. They were interested to learn how an installation of a holiday-themed fixture outside the aisle would impact shoppers’ paths.

DisplaysandFixtures-ThumbnailThey sought out InContext’s mixed reality insights and analytics offering to create virtual heat maps marking the flow of traffic and time spent in front of each category in the aisle. It was found that less than half of the shoppers who visited the holiday display fixture actually entered the aisle; but of those who entered, a significant number made additional purchases after visiting the display. Through this in-depth analysis, the retailer was able to refine the messaging, artwork and assortment of the display for the next year, without having to re-create anything in the physical world.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, or any other retail holiday that would benefit from new aisle signage or displays, visualizing and testing in virtual can help you learn how customers will react, long before their last-minute dash to the store.

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Gina Joseph

Gina is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at InContext Solutions

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