VR: Retail’s Universal Language

Posted by Gina Joseph on May 24, 2017

Web connection and communication.jpegBlame it on smartphones, social media, whatever you want—but the fact is, our society as a whole tends to be drawn to the visual. When we don’t know how to do something, we jump online to watch an instructional video. We document our lives on Instagram and we upload more than 400 hours of video content to YouTube every minute.

So then why in the retail and CPG industry are so many companies still using documents and PDF slides to convey the impact of a new in-store concept?

The science is fuzzy on whether or not humans are hard-wired to learn better through one modality or another, but it’s obvious that people today are used to absorbing content through graphics and images more than ever before. Which is why it only makes sense to adapt go-to-market processes for the way we now understand the world.

VR creates a universal language of sorts when it comes to understanding a new concepts’ impact on consumers, and how it should look in the context of a store. With the latest VR headsets, we can take storytelling a step further through fully immersive simulations. There’s a very old saying that goes “I hear and I forget. I see and l remember. I do and I understand.” Instead of trying to explain to decision makers all the reasons your new concept should be considered, let them experience it for themselves. At InContext, we offer the HIVE (Hi-Immersion Virtual Experience) which gives our customers a brand new way to share ideas, present data, and gain buy-in with stakeholders.  

For example, a manufacturer can test a new in-store concept through VR simulations, and then take that data and overlay it within an immersive walk-through of the new concept. So not only can retail partners experience the new concept within their store, they can also view heat maps and compare actual numbers within key areas of the new arrangement. They can then begin to understand why concepts perform the way they do, and get deeper insights that wouldn’t have been available with a PowerPoint deck or flat image—it gets them to "Ah-ha!" much faster. Data takes on a whole new meaning when presented through VR simulations.

Having virtual in your toolbox means you don’t have to be an insights expert to interpret changes and consumer feedback data on new concepts. By bringing ideas to life, you can tell your story through experiences—more efficiently than ever before.

Interested in learning more about how you can leverage immersive VR presentation tools? Check out the ShopperMX™ HIVE

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Gina Joseph

Gina is the Communication Manager at InContext Solutions

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