VR vs. AR {What Do WE Do?}

Virtual reality and augmented reality often get grouped together under one big umbrella of new and disruptive technologies. For good reason—they both offer unique, alternate-reality capabilities that visually transport the user beyond the physical world, and they’re popping up in a variety of industries. But it’s important to understand that VR and AR are not interchangeable technologies. Here at InContext, we currently work solely within virtual reality applications when it comes to innovative solutions for retail. Why? Let me explain.

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3 Reasons Why VR Can Be Scary – And 1 Why It’s Not

It’s that time of year again - pumpkin spice lattes are available at Starbucks, candy is on full display and fake spiders, witches, and ghosts are at every turn. As an adult, real-life problems are scarier than any Halloween horror. Instead of the bogeyman or monsters keeping us up at night, we’re more likely to stay awake worrying about a deteriorating vendor relationship or receiving negative feedback on a new design concept.

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VR Devices in B2B: What Do They Really Do?

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.   Virtual reality hasn’t reached widespread consumer adoption, but that hasn’t stopped VR devices and applications from popping up everywhere in industries from healthcare to retail. VR is literally transforming the way we do business, enhancing our understanding of how things work, and will eventually change how we interact with things, including each other.

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Understanding Virtual as a College Student

This is a guest post by Alejandro Zeballos, University of Arkansas 2016 Graduate. There are few things as enjoyable and simultaneously stressful than having an internship throughout your senior year of college. Over the past 12 months, I’ve realized how much the CPG industry grows and innovates and how relatively little we learn about it in school. Now that I’m graduating from the University of Arkansas with a double major in marketing and information systems, I can say with certainty that being an intern was worth the hard work. As an intern with InContext Solutions, I had the opportunity to apply some of the knowledge I gained through my years in the classroom while experiencing the CPG industry first hand. 

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ShopperMX™: More Than Just Planogram Software

  Our virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, grew organically out of our need to provide more efficient, cost-effective custom research projects. Because we started out doing mostly planogram arrangement and assortment tests, we had to have a way to assemble and visualize planograms in a 3D space, so “planogramming” became a natural starting point when ShopperMX™ was in its infancy. 

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Welcome to the HIVE

Virtual reality is taking the world by storm. With numerous applications within a variety of industries, VR is no longer just hype, but has proven to be a game-changing technology time and time again. Uses in entertainment, health and science, and business fields continue to grow and thrive, and while consumer adoption is still in its infancy, the immersive and impactful nature of a VR experience can't be denied. This is where the HIVE comes in.

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A Virtual Success: InContext Hosts VR Enthusiasts at Chicago Meetup

Each month, Chicago gaming enthusiasts, tech geeks, web developers and anyone curious about virtual innovation gather to chat and experience the latest and greatest in virtual reality software and applications—and this month we were pumped to host the VR Meetup at our InContext headquarters in Chicago.

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Virtual Reality Just Went Viral, Thanks to Google and The New York Times

People are starting to get it--virtual reality that is. And I mean that both literally and figuratively. By now you've surely heard about how The New York Times is partnering with Google Cardboard to create news content in virtual reality--and if you're a subscriber, you should have received your Cardboard in the mail last week. By delivering Cardboard headsets to all 1.3 million newspaper subscribers, The Times and Google have created an introduction to VR on a grand scale, proving the technology can have a mass appeal.  

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Forbes Launches Technology Council - And We Get An Exclusive Invite

Being involved in the tech community has always been one of the great perks of doing what we do here at InContext. It's exciting to be in on the latest and most groundbreaking advancements in the space, and brainstorming with other tech-minded people is what helps us continually innovate our own products.

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10 Industries Proving Virtual Reality Is More Than A Game

Image via COM SALUD Agencia de comunicación This article was originally published on LinkedIn. It’s nearing the end of 2015—the year Back to the Future II predicted the Cubs to win the World Series and that we would all be driving flying cars. We may know soon about the Cubs, and while we aren’t yet driving flying cars, self-driving cars may not be too far down the road. But what is happening right now is the fast-moving world of virtual reality. While considered a short-lived novelty in the 1990s, VR is making a comeback in the 21st century in a big way. In the summer of 2014 Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement “This is just the start. Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face—just by putting on goggles in your home…One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people.”

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