5 Ways Mixed Reality Will Change the Art of Retailing Forever

Amazon can now unlock your front door in order to deliver your packages—likely the same day your ordered them—while at the same time, you can shop at your nearest Target store and use mobile apps to find deals, compare prices, and track the things we purchase. This connected world is how we live now, a place where everything is at our fingertips because technology paves the way for how we shop. So what’s next? 

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Taking VR’s Message Even Further: InContext Joins Forbes Communications Council

Using technology to communicate and improve upon ideas is becoming essential for today’s business professionals. It’s a fast-paced, competitive landscape, which means new concepts and processes need to be streamlined in order to keep up. The retail and CPG space is no different, and InContext Solutions has been helping clients do just that by leveraging virtual reality simulations.

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Preparing for a World of ‘Experiential Retail’

Big changes are coming to retail, folks. The companies and brands that were once considered exceptions to the rule—think Apple, Starbucks, Mariano’s, Target—are now considered the norm as the rest of the industry scrambles to figure out how to evolve. There’s even a term for this new era: Experiential Retail. It means creating an exciting in-store atmosphere, merging the online presence with in-store expectations—and then seamlessly toggling between the two spaces.

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How Gaming Mice Made Me Optimistic About VR

As the Research & Development Lead at InContext Solutions, I know—as with any new market—there’s a mixture of trepidation and optimism surrounding virtual reality. But the technology has come a long way, and many industries are beginning to take note of its innovative uses. At InContext, we help businesses in the retail and manufacturing space work smarter, by giving them a way to visualize and evaluate new concepts without ever building anything in the physical world. For our clients, VR allows them to save money and time. So instead of trepidation, here are two reasons why I’m optimistic about VR’s future, and why you should be too: 

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Virtual Reality: The Secret Sauce of Retail Innovation

The Amazon/Whole Foods deal is finally official, and everyone is scrambling to find out how it will change the way we get our groceries. People have been happy to learn that prices at Whole Foods are going down, and the availability of food delivery and click-and-collect services are on the rise. From a business perspective, Amazon is throwing down the gauntlet for how the retail industry operates from this point forward. And the industry needs to listen up.

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3 Reasons Why Immersive VR is the Tool of the Future

Virtual reality is one of the hottest topics in tech today. While there's no shortage of skeptics predicting VR’s eventual demise, the fact is virtual innovation is growing at an exponential rate—and its ability to create groundbreaking solutions can’t be denied, or ignored. 

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Understanding Data: Why CPG Needs VR

Most of retail is going through an identity crisis of sorts right now, and everyone is understandably a bit on edge. What will the implications be after Amazon acquires Whole Foods? In the future, will everything really be all online? Should brick and mortar stores invest more in beefing up their digital presence, or focus more on in-store experiences?

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When AI & VR Collide: The New Frontier of Retail

  If you’re not a serious technology buff, there’s a good chance that your concept of artificial intelligence doesn’t extend much further than knowing someone who owns an Amazon Echo. AI might simply seem like a buzzword, a trendy idea that conjures a futuristic world of robot butlers and self-driving cars. But the fact is, robots and self-driving cars are already here—along with a whole array of AI capabilities that you’ve probably never even considered.

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