Virtual Reality and the Blueprint for Change {Q&A with David Rich}

As a veteran of high tech consulting, business development, and data analytics, David Rich is intimately familiar with the process of growing innovative business solutions. He is the former CEO of Revolution Analytics, and spent nearly three decades at Accenture, where he served as Global Managing Director, founded Accenture Analytics and led the CRM Service Line and the High Tech Industry. So his interest in virtual reality and its impact on retail business processes does not come as a surprise. Which is why the newly appointed Executive Chairman of the Board at InContext hopes to establish partner programs and help the company continue to develop impactful VR solutions for retail—as well as guide the technology further down the road to virtual commerce. David sat down with us to talk a bit more about his experience in the industry, and why he’s excited about where InContext is headed.

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Shoptalk is Back and We’re Bringing the VR

Having only one year on the event circuit under its belt, Shoptalk is still quite new, but has proven to be a powerhouse retail and ecommerce conference that attracted more than 3,100 attendees in 2016. Therefore, InContext is honored to be heading to Las Vegas March 19-22 to speak and exhibit at this year’s event, and we’re excited to bring our extensive VR knowledge with us.

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What Will V-Commerce Look Like?

Virtual reality for retail is here. On the B2B level, it is already changing the way manufacturers and retailers develop and execute in-store concepts. On the consumer-facing side, it's still in the early stages. But similar to the groundbreaking qualities of the first iPhone, it’s on pace to quickly transform the way we shop. 

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