What We are Looking Forward to in 2017

The retail industry is undergoing unprecedented change due to changing shopper and consumer behaviors. Year after year as consumers’ needs evolve, retailers strive to keep up by introducing new concepts, opportunities and technologies.  With 2017 fast approaching, there are plenty of articles on predictions. But at a time when shopper’s demands are rapidly changing it’s more important than ever to stay up with future trends and ahead of the curve. 

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The Bi-Directional Future of Shopping

Kirk Olson,  VP of TrendSights at Horizon Media, presented on Day 2 of OmniShopper 2016, and had no shortage of relevant and insightful examples of retail trends represent today's shopper and that are shaping today's landscape. 

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Discussing Virtual at the Coogan Share Group for Category Management

This week, InContext Solutions was granted an extraordinary opportunity, as we were invited to speak at the latest Coogan Share Group event for Category Management. These share groups have become a hotbed for innovation within the industry, because they consist of senior level executives from the top consumer brands; all coming together to discuss how their organizations are developing talent, tools, and best practices.  

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News Bites: Retail & Shopper Stories from this Week

From Shelf To Checkout: How Brands Can Stand Out At Stores Forbes, July 10, 2014 “Tougher competition is making retailers strive even harder to increase store productivity. And each year sees a rise in the number of shoppers waiting until they’re in the aisle to choose a brand, often making up their minds in just a few seconds—and reconsidering their choice every other time they buy. Meanwhile, the number of products is continually  expanding while shelf space shrinks, due to the rise of private labels and smaller retail formats. Faced with increasingly complex decisions about which products to place where and how to properly activate them, sales teams are often ill-equipped to make the right trade-offs. As a result, shelves are cluttered, promotions are inadequately executed, brands struggle to stand out, and sales productivity ratios stagnate, at best. More than ever, regaining control of the in-store experience is critical for brand growth.”  

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Shopper Insights in Action 2014

For the past three days, we’ve been exhibiting at the Shopper Insights in Action conference at Chicago’s Navy Pier. It’s been a whirlwind experience, with interesting speakers, great networking, and a unique venue. The theme of this year’s conference is “Shopper Strategy & Activation: Synthesizing Across Platforms, Channels and Partners.” For both retailers and consumer goods manufacturers, the insights shared here have huge implications. The shopper landscape is changing faster than ever, and being able to keep pace with shoppers is of the utmost importance.

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News Bites: 5 Retail & Shopper Stories from this Week

Supermarkets Could Soon Manipulate Where You Walk Could smart phone coupons change the way shoppers navigate grocery aisles and prompt them to buy more? A research study conducted by Jeffrey Inman from the University of Pittsburgh found that when a smart phone coupon pushed shoppers off their intended path in the store, they spent $21 more than planned.   

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How to Navigate the Pros and Cons of Seasonal Displays

With July 4th just behind us, manufacturers and retailers are rolling out summer-themed in-store marketing campaigns. These festive displays and packages are developed to give products a swift boost in sales in the weeks surrounding a major holiday. Seasonal campaigns can be a great way to garner attention and create positive brand associations. But they have to be carefully planned. One poor decision can be difference between delight and disaster for your brand.  

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Three Important Issues for Shopper Researchers in 2014

Recently I read a fascinating white paper from IBM/NYU Stern. The title was “Retail 2020: Reinventing retailing—once again” and it provided wonderful historical context to changes in retail strategy.   I found this history valuable from a shopper research perspective. Understanding past changes in retail strategy creates a foundation for anticipating and appreciating the future. It helps me as a researcher identify trends I want to focus on next year.

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