Taking VR’s Message Even Further: InContext Joins Forbes Communications Council

Using technology to communicate and improve upon ideas is becoming essential for today’s business professionals. It’s a fast-paced, competitive landscape, which means new concepts and processes need to be streamlined in order to keep up. The retail and CPG space is no different, and InContext Solutions has been helping clients do just that by leveraging virtual reality simulations.

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What Won’t We Be Doing in 2023?

If you could go back to 2012 and ask your past self to picture a world with driverless cars, voice-activated robots, and where normal citizens are preparing to go to Mars, you probably would have assumed that was a world far from the one you were living in. But just five short years later, here we are. These types of technologies are not only within reach, but innovations like Amazon’s Alexa are common in many households and a small group of people are currently being evaluated for interplanetary exploration. With how fast technology moves today (exponentially so) the life we know right now could be vastly different in a very short amount of time.

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Nonstop VR at Techweek's FinTech Event

The tech scene in Chicago is no joke, which is why industry vets and budding entrepreneurs alike flock together each year during Techweek for speaking sessions, demos and parties. This year we were invited to attend as one of a few select companies to demo VR at Chicago Tech Meets FinTech: A Peek Inside Capital One. The event, held at Capital One’s new 50th floor collaboration space, offered robot wars, virtual reality experiences, music, food and drinks, and was a hit with the over 400 attendees.

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Stop Focusing on “Digital”

We’re a tech company, so it’s only natural that we think quite highly of the impact technology has had on business processes, and we talk about it on the regular. But as new, trending technologies continue to pop up in a slew of different industries, the hype around artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, automation, IoT, Big Data (…and the list goes on) can get overwhelming.

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The Fight for Shelf Space: Category Captains and Their Changing Role

There was a time where the large manufacturers were the only voices retailers would listen to on managing their categories. This was primarily driven by the fact that conducting consumer and shopper research was extremely expensive and time consuming. That is not the case today thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of the category management process. 

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Chicago Women in Tech: Get Hacking!

Today is International Women's Day, and in the spirit of celebrating some amazing women in tech, we're excited that InContext is helping sponsor Chicago's first ever Women's Hackathon.

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Forbes Launches Technology Council - And We Get An Exclusive Invite

Being involved in the tech community has always been one of the great perks of doing what we do here at InContext. It's exciting to be in on the latest and most groundbreaking advancements in the space, and brainstorming with other tech-minded people is what helps us continually innovate our own products.

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