ShopperMX™: More Than Just Planogram Software

  Our virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, grew organically out of our need to provide more efficient, cost-effective custom research projects. Because we started out doing mostly planogram arrangement and assortment tests, we had to have a way to assemble and visualize planograms in a 3D space, so “planogramming” became a natural starting point when ShopperMX™ was in its infancy. 

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Q&A: How to Get Started (and Be Successful!) with VR

Virtual reality is quickly becoming the hot topic of conversation around the country and around the world. But while many people may understand how VR is changing entertainment, or creating life-saving medical breakthroughs, the everyday uses for VR are just now starting to become realized. We’re beginning to change the way we think about doing everyday things—how could VR enhance this? How would it make life easier?

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3 Key Benefits of Virtual for Category Management

3D virtual simulations are new to the category management industry, but we think they’re a great solution for category teams looking to improve their business processes. Below are 3 key ways category managers can benefit from using virtual simulations.

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ShopperMX User Survey Results are in!

Last month, we asked our users to share their views about ShopperMX and we were blown away with the response. Their feedback offers a fascinating insights into the impact of ShopperMX in our clients’ daily roles and their expectations from upcoming releases. We are proud to share the findings from this survey with you, our readers, as we continue to develop ShopperMX. 

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5 ways we listen to our customers

A lot of my job revolves around spending time listening and absorbing feedback from our users. The feedback trickles through during different phases of the sales and support lifecycle and across a variety of channels. Quickly synthesizing this feedback is critical not only to feed it into the development roadmap but also to make sure the users are made aware that their concerns are being addressed.

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Bringing 3D to the Enterprise

3D CAN BE DIFFICULT…BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE The idea of ShopperMX grew organically out of internal software we created to make our Insights solutions more efficient and quick turn. You always have some degree of latitude when developing solutions for internal teams because it’s super easy to retrain, walk over, and have a conversation about missing features and fix bugs.

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