2 Big Reasons Why Shopper Marketing + VR is a No-Brainer

In today’s world of CPG and retail, much attention is given to shifting store footprints, and how to reimagine the center store for a more personalized customer experience. But a big part of why those customers buy what they buy has to do with shopper marketing. The need for innovative methods of drawing shoppers in and keeping them engaged has become a necessity for brick and mortar locations, and as technology changes the way we shop, technology is also rapidly changing the role of the shopper marketer.

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How to Measure Shoppers' Attention at the Shelf

What’s the first thing shoppers notice when looking at a new display or aisle?  It’s a question that regularly comes up within the retail and CPG industries. When developing new in-store concepts, it's crucial to know what aspects will grab the attention of shoppers, as well as which important aspects might be overlooked. Catching the shopper's eye on the path to purchase is one of the most important attributes facing today’s brands and retailers, and while traditional eye tracking research has helped companies tackle that answer, it can be a costly and time-consuming process that involves fielding new studies and waiting months for analyzed results.

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The Unexpected Hotbed for Virtual Reality

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.   Because of big players like Facebook, Disney and The New York Times, virtual reality technology has hit a serious stride, and brands like Oculus and Google Cardboard are becoming household names. VR is making an epic comeback from its brief stint in the 90s, and has proven it has legs within the entertainment, media, advertising and education industries. Yet for all of its potential as a game-changer in the consumer space, what is not widely reported on is how large manufacturers and retailers rely on VR to make important business decisions, develop an engaging shopping experience, and ultimately adapt to changing conditions brought about by e-commerce.

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Tweets & Takeaways from Shopper Marketing Expo

Millennials, Mobile, and Collaboration*-- these were some of the big topics covered at last week’s Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo in Minneapolis. After hearing keynotes and presentations from Target, Oracle, Hershey, ConAgra, Instacart, Coca-Cola and more, it was clear that the future is going to depend on the incorporation of these three factors when it comes to successful shopper marketing.

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3 Tips For Improving Your Shopper Experience

In today's evolving retail landscape, it is more important than ever to focus on your in-store shopping experience. With online retailers like Amazon and meal delivery services like Blue Apron becoming  the norm, there is little need for customers to ever step foot back into any store.  Now, in order to revert the customers back into your store, retailers and manufacturers are collaborating on exciting, innovative ways to get them to shop. This can be done in multiple ways, but one of the best solutions to create this customer loyalty is to develop an enjoyable shopper experience that will continuously keep the consumers coming back. Below are just a few vital things to think about when trying to improve your shopper experience.

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The Why Behind the Buy: How Virtual Reality Store Simulations Can Advance Shopper Marketing

The realisation that the majority of purchase decisions are in fact unplanned and made in store, has driven the meteoric rise we have seen in shopper marketing and its establishment as a separate discipline in marketing planning and market research. For instance, last year alone according to its financial statements, Procter & Gamble spent close to half a billion pounds on shopper marketing.

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Get The Most From Your In-Store And Trade Marketing Spend With Virtual Store Simulations

According to POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) 76% of purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase i.e. in store and at shelf. It's no surprise then, that in-store and trade marketing is a major line in the budget for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, selling through the retail channel. If you also factor in lost margin through tactical promotional discounting, it becomes one the most significant financial considerations for any CPG or retailer. Even, in this brave new world of omni-channel retail, customers still prefer a trip to store as the primary way to purchase. 

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Virtual Reality Store Simulations Address Evolving CPG and Retail Trends

As in most industries, technology is drastically altering the way CPG companies and retail businesses operate. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of millennial shoppers and overcome the challenges presented by online competitors, these organizations must constantly evolve.

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