How to Compete in a Revived Frozen Food Aisle

Don't call it a comeback, but recently frozen foods are having a big moment in the retail spotlight. That's because CPG companies have started to offer more nutritious selections and interesting varieties beyond the typical processed frozen entrees and snacks. As CPG Matters points out, Nielsen has found that "U.S. sales from the freezer case advanced by 2.1 percent for the year ended in November... while unit sales were also up, by 1.2 percent." This seems to be due to the influx of new items including plant-based alternatives to pasta and rice, meatless and organic products, and more exciting entree options. 

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Do You Still Rely on These 2 Outdated Approaches to In-Store Marketing?

Conveying a clear, thoughtful message to shoppers is becoming more important than ever for today’s brands and retailers. Because shoppers have so many options when it comes to buying—online, subscription services, big box stores, convenience channels—they can simply head elsewhere to find what they need if expectations aren’t met.

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How to Boost Sales with Merchandising Technology

There are no absolutes in retailing. (Except for change, of course.) However, there are a few rules of thumb that are good to follow, even if they might seem counter intuitive. We know this because we have extensive experience in conducting shopper research, and have the data to prove it. Based on the virtual store studies we’ve conducted over the years, we've noticed common themes when it comes to what works and what doesn't in merchandising, arrangement and assortment. As you’re planning your next in-store marketing campaign, category decision, or whole store strategy, here are three tips that could help boost sales.

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10 Applications for Virtual Reality Store Simulations

Virtual reality store simulations are cool.  There's no getting around that. But how are brands and retailers really using them? Here are 10 ways virtual store simulations help you understand (& impact) shopper behavior on the path to purchase:

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Want to Increase Basket Size? Make it Easier to Find That First Product

It's a popular adage that when it comes to in-store shopping, customers will purchase more if a store is set up for browsing—triggering new product awareness and impulse buys. We therefore often arrange our stores to highlight unexpected products and drive serendipitous discovery. This strategy might seem sound, but in the latest report by NRF, respondents reported being much more likely to be seeking to buy a certain item (73%) than to just be browsing (27%).

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Want to Optimize Next Year's Mother's Day Display? Check out Mixed Reality.

Mother’s Day spending was expected to reach a near-record $23.1 billion this year, according to the annual National Retail Federation survey. That’s great news for retailers and brands—as long as they’re prepared.

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In-Store Marketing Matters...Unless You're Doing it Wrong

We talk a lot about how retail isn’t dead. In fact, more and more we’re seeing that Generation Z, or the “digital native” generation, prefers brick and mortar shopping to online—they have that in common with Baby Boomers. And when it comes to food and beverage purchases, even Millennials still prefer shopping in-store. According to a recent survey, “among frequent online shoppers who make internet purchases at least weekly, almost 60 percent said they never buy groceries online.” Brick and mortar remains an important channel, folks, especially in the grocery sector.

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Why Defining “Shopper” Matters

When we talk about the retail landscape, it’s easy to use the words “shopper” and “consumer” interchangeably. A recent LinkedIn article went in depth on the subject, and it make a lot of sense. Basically it defines a “shopper” as the person in front of the products, making the decisions on what to purchase. The “consumer” is the person actually using the products—whether they’re eating the food, wearing the clothes, or using the pet shampoo to wash the dog. Sometimes these are one in the same, and sometimes they’re not.

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