ShopperMX™: More Than Just Planogram Software

  Our virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, grew organically out of our need to provide more efficient, cost-effective custom research projects. Because we started out doing mostly planogram arrangement and assortment tests, we had to have a way to assemble and visualize planograms in a 3D space, so “planogramming” became a natural starting point when ShopperMX™ was in its infancy. 

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How to Boost Sales with Merchandising Technology

There are no absolutes in retailing. (Except for change, of course.) However, there are a few rules of thumb that are good to follow, even if they might seem counter intuitive. We know this because we have extensive experience in conducting shopper research, and have the data to prove it. Based on the virtual store studies we’ve conducted over the years, we've noticed common themes when it comes to what works and what doesn't in merchandising, arrangement and assortment. As you’re planning your next in-store marketing campaign, category decision, or whole store strategy, here are three tips that could help boost sales.

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The “Soda Tax” & What it Means at the Shelf

This post was updated August 1, 2017. A Cook County-mandated sugar-sweetened beverage (SBB) tax (or “soda tax”) went into effect August 1, 2017, that adds one-cent-per-ounce of beverages containing sugar or artificial sweetener, including juice drinks, soda, sports drinks and flavored waters. The revenue from the tax is set to be allocated toward promoting public health and reducing obesity rates in Cook County. Similar taxes have been proposed or have already been implemented in many localities including Berkeley, Calif.; Boulder, Col.; Philadelphia; and Seattle—but with varying results and amid much protest.

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Optimization Reports test in-store concepts quickly and affordably

When it comes to retailing, three common in-store marketing challenges come to mind: packaging, shelf layout, and in-store communications. We know our retailer and CPG manufacturer clients are constantly looking for a better way to evaluate ideas for new in-store concepts – without extensive investments of time or money.  

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New Research: More Pork in the Meat Case Can Boost Overall Sales

Expanded pork options drives pork sales without impacting beef or chicken  

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How To Improve Package Designs Using Visual Attention Analysis

One of the fastest and most beneficial applications for Visual Attention Analysis (VAA) is package design testing. From determining the ideal package to identifying shelf location for your new pack, VAA is a valuable tool in your toolkit. 

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News Bites: Retail & Shopper Stories from this Week

From Shelf To Checkout: How Brands Can Stand Out At Stores Forbes, July 10, 2014 “Tougher competition is making retailers strive even harder to increase store productivity. And each year sees a rise in the number of shoppers waiting until they’re in the aisle to choose a brand, often making up their minds in just a few seconds—and reconsidering their choice every other time they buy. Meanwhile, the number of products is continually  expanding while shelf space shrinks, due to the rise of private labels and smaller retail formats. Faced with increasingly complex decisions about which products to place where and how to properly activate them, sales teams are often ill-equipped to make the right trade-offs. As a result, shelves are cluttered, promotions are inadequately executed, brands struggle to stand out, and sales productivity ratios stagnate, at best. More than ever, regaining control of the in-store experience is critical for brand growth.”  

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News Bites: 5 Retail & Shopper Stories from this Week

Supermarkets Could Soon Manipulate Where You Walk Could smart phone coupons change the way shoppers navigate grocery aisles and prompt them to buy more? A research study conducted by Jeffrey Inman from the University of Pittsburgh found that when a smart phone coupon pushed shoppers off their intended path in the store, they spent $21 more than planned.   

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