Looking Back: How Tech Influenced Retail in 2018

With each day that passes, exciting technologies are creating disruption in the world we live in. As they say, the rate of technological innovation grows exponentially, and we’ve seen the proof of that in how many things have changed just in the past decade. What used to seem like science fiction—such as smart watches, virtual reality experiences, or autonomous vehicles —are now part of our reality.

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Spurring Retail Innovation Even if Your Team is Still a Bit “Old School”

There’s a reason why people sometimes tend to avoid changes in their lives, and it’s not that they're inherently adverse to change. For example, a change that is easy to acclimate to is often one that benefits you directly, like getting a promotion. But the tendency many of us have to keep doing things the same way usually comes from a place of trepidation or a fear of the unknown. 

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Shoptalk: An Ace in the Hole for Retail Reinvention

It’s nearly that time again—the Las Vegas strip will soon become flooded with the nearly 8,000 retail and brand professionals who will make their way to the annual Shoptalk conference March 18-21. It’s set to be bigger and better than ever, as the U.S. and European events have merged to create “the industry’s first global dialogue and community.” The conference has quickly made a name for itself as the place to be for intelligent and impactful discussions into what lies ahead for retail innovation, and 2018 should be no exception.

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