3 Reasons Why Mixed Reality Is Great For Retail

There are a lot of technological buzzwords being thrown around in retail today. Some of them are fairly straightforward, such as beacons, drones, mobile apps—and some of them are a bit more complex, like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and mixed reality (MR). We won’t get into AI or blockchain here—although AI will continue to grow in importance for our work at InContext. But what we do want to focus on is how mixed reality has already started to greatly impact the way retailers and manufacturers approach go-to-market strategies, and engage and connect with shoppers. 

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A Quick Lesson: Defining Mixed Reality and Its Impact on Retail 

What is Mixed Reality? The term “mixed reality” is a relatively new one. While it’s been popping up in conversation more and more in recent months, we say ‘relatively’ new because mixed reality was actually coined in a research paper back in 1994. The paper’s authors, Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino, defined it as the “merging of real and virtual worlds somewhere along the ‘virtuality continuum’.”

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5 Ways Mixed Reality Will Change the Art of Retailing Forever

Amazon can now unlock your front door in order to deliver your packages—likely the same day your ordered them—while at the same time, you can shop at your nearest Target store and use mobile apps to find deals, compare prices, and track the things we purchase. This connected world is how we live now, a place where everything is at our fingertips because technology paves the way for how we shop. So what’s next? 

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