He's Back: Here's Why VR is the "Left Shark" of Retail Innovation

It was 2015 and anyone watching the halftime show of the biggest football event of the year might have seen Katy Perry’s performance with two memorable dancing sharks. At one point, the shark on the left momentarily went rogue—creating a viral meme that is still with us today: Left Shark. People could relate to him doing his own thing, going against the grain, trying something new on the biggest stage imaginable. It’s a good lesson for life in general, and it can be applied to today’s retail landscape when it comes to being the catalyst for change.

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The Year 'Retail Technology' Became a Thing...And Other Thoughts From Our Experts

It's the new year and true to fashion, everyone is busy anticipating what the coming weeks and months will mean for the retail industry. Yet, with those predictions also comes reflection. What went right last year? What do we need to make better? What happened in 2017 that will affect how we all shop in the years ahead?  We decided to ask a few of our senior leaders and advisers their thoughts on the past year, and the ways technology will shape the future world of retail we'll interact with every day. 

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Thinking About Building an Innovation Center? Here are 6 Things to Consider

Innovation centers are integral to business strategy—a lot of thought, design and budget goes into creating and maintaining them. So the good news is emerging technologies are changing the game and enabling these centers to become less susceptible to the continuously changing trends in retail. If you’re currently considering building an innovation center (or planning on revamping an existing one) you'd be smart to add a powerful tool in your innovation toolbox: Mixed Reality.

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Our Top 17 Retail Innovation Moments of 2017

It's been a pivotal year for the world of retail.  Sure, you can argue that the retail space has been transforming and changing for quite some time now—clearly the internet and e-commerce turned what we knew about retail for decades completely on its head. After social media came along and flipped it around a few times more, it evolved into a confusing state for brick-and-mortar stores, as they felt pressure to compete with the digital commerce space. But this year, Amazon shifted the trajectory of retail once again. An online behemoth integrating into brick and mortar grocery? Unheard of.

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Preparing for a World of ‘Experiential Retail’

Big changes are coming to retail, folks. The companies and brands that were once considered exceptions to the rule—think Apple, Starbucks, Mariano’s, Target—are now considered the norm as the rest of the industry scrambles to figure out how to evolve. There’s even a term for this new era: Experiential Retail. It means creating an exciting in-store atmosphere, merging the online presence with in-store expectations—and then seamlessly toggling between the two spaces.

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Virtual Reality: The Secret Sauce of Retail Innovation

The Amazon/Whole Foods deal is finally official, and everyone is scrambling to find out how it will change the way we get our groceries. People have been happy to learn that prices at Whole Foods are going down, and the availability of food delivery and click-and-collect services are on the rise. From a business perspective, Amazon is throwing down the gauntlet for how the retail industry operates from this point forward. And the industry needs to listen up.

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