He's Back: Here's Why VR is the "Left Shark" of Retail Innovation

It was 2015 and anyone watching the halftime show of the biggest football event of the year might have seen Katy Perry’s performance with two memorable dancing sharks. At one point, the shark on the left momentarily went rogue—creating a viral meme that is still with us today: Left Shark. People could relate to him doing his own thing, going against the grain, trying something new on the biggest stage imaginable. It’s a good lesson for life in general, and it can be applied to today’s retail landscape when it comes to being the catalyst for change.

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VR’s “Practical” Side: Retail B-to-B 

If you keep up on the latest retail news, you’ve no doubt read about some of the emerging applications of virtual and augmented reality. Together these are part of what is now being referred to as Extended Reality (XR) or Mixed Reality (MR). XR has been successfully utilized by brands like The North Face, Lowe’s, Ikea, and Sephora among many others.

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How to Tell if You’ll Survive the Retail Revolution

When it comes to today’s retail ecosystem, it can feel a bit like teetering on a precipice that overlooks a mysterious abyss. Every day, new catalysts for changes in shopper behavior emerge, new acquisitions are announced, and new technologies are leveraged. Even though we may have a general idea of the direction retail is heading, it’s still impossible to predict every future shift in the retail ecosystem.

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How Teamwork Makes the Retail Dream Work

In-store shopping is alive and well; with all the talk of omnichannel and connected shopper experiences, that much is obvious. In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, customers who conducted prior online research led to 13% greater in-store spending among omnichannel shoppers. For Millennials, and even more so for Gen Z, and beyond, there won't be such a division of online vs. in-store. It will just be whatever is convenient, or makes sense for the mood they are in or the place they are at. They will expect both digital and physical touchpoints to be seamless, and right now it's up to it's up to the retailers and manufacturers to make sure the customer experience stays front and center. 

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Forget Power Point: VR Headsets are Here for Next-Level Presentations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is an experience worth? When it comes to retail, it can mean a difference of millions of dollars and months of time. That’s because gaining buy-in for a new in-store concept can be tricky. Even after you’ve already done the heavy lifting to come up with a fresh idea—adjusting and evaluating it until you’re sure you have a winner—it can be difficult to convince decision makers and stakeholders to give it the go-ahead. Often times, pictures and static data using Power Point slides aren’t enough to make them understand a concept’s true impact.    This is where immersive VR capabilities will prove to be game changers when it comes to gaining buy-in. By using a VR headset, you can bring your audience directly into your vision, for a collaborative, two-way conversation. 

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3 Reasons Why Immersive VR is the Tool of the Future

Virtual reality is one of the hottest topics in tech today. While there's no shortage of skeptics predicting VR’s eventual demise, the fact is virtual innovation is growing at an exponential rate—and its ability to create groundbreaking solutions can’t be denied, or ignored. 

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