What the Top Retail Organizations are Doing Right [Hint: Data Technology]

There’s no question that a lot goes into a successful retail strategy. With a million moving parts—including marketing, store layout, product selection, pricing, and much more—it’s a challenge to keep customers engaged and keep sales growing, especially in this ever-competitive space. The best bet is to look toward those who are getting it right, and learn how they’re doing it. 

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Retail Trends Aren’t Data: How to Know What’s Best for Your Shoppers

The influx of news surrounding store closings, mergers, buyouts, and the ever-changing needs of consumers can seem overwhelming and confusing. Which trends will turn into long-lasting practices and which will fizzle out? Should stores be shrinking their footprints? Should the same shelf arrangement that works for a Walmart be the same as the arrangement in a Kroger?   There’s no doubt the landscape is changing, and quickly. Instead of constantly trying to play catch up with shifting trends, doesn’t it make more sense to base decisions on what resonates with your specific customer base, right now?

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Understanding Data: Why CPG Needs VR

Most of retail is going through an identity crisis of sorts right now, and everyone is understandably a bit on edge. What will the implications be after Amazon acquires Whole Foods? In the future, will everything really be all online? Should brick and mortar stores invest more in beefing up their digital presence, or focus more on in-store experiences?

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