CPG has its Eye on Cannabis—Are You Prepared?

As of this year, there are nine U.S. states, plus Washington, DC, that have passed legislation to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Another 30 states have approved marijuana for medical purposes. And Canada is in the process of officially approving legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use throughout the country. Suffice it to say, the cannabis market is a hot topic these days.

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The Year 'Retail Technology' Became a Thing...And Other Thoughts From Our Experts

It's the new year and true to fashion, everyone is busy anticipating what the coming weeks and months will mean for the retail industry. Yet, with those predictions also comes reflection. What went right last year? What do we need to make better? What happened in 2017 that will affect how we all shop in the years ahead?  We decided to ask a few of our senior leaders and advisers their thoughts on the past year, and the ways technology will shape the future world of retail we'll interact with every day. 

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InContext in the Media {Q4 2017 Press Roundup}

InContext Solutions' VR technology has been rocking the retail industry, creating bigger waves of disruption than ever before. This is evidenced through the great number of press mentions and media coverage this quarter, from outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Inc., TechCrunch, Forbes, Progressive Grocer, Shopper Marketing Magazine and more. Take a look, below!

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How to Tell if You’ll Survive the Retail Revolution

When it comes to today’s retail ecosystem, it can feel a bit like teetering on a precipice that overlooks a mysterious abyss. Every day, new catalysts for changes in shopper behavior emerge, new acquisitions are announced, and new technologies are leveraged. Even though we may have a general idea of the direction retail is heading, it’s still impossible to predict every future shift in the retail ecosystem.

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Use 3D Modeling for Your Retail Planning? Then We've Got Good News.

When it comes to using virtual reality software to visualize, test and launch new in-store retail concepts, the whole point is that it's a faster, more efficient way to go to market. So anytime there's an opportunity to make that process even more effective, we make sure jump on it. We're happy to announce that we now offer a Sketchup extension for ShopperMX™, which allows users to easily upload their existing 3D models into our VR platform. What exactly does this mean?  

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Our Top 17 Retail Innovation Moments of 2017

It's been a pivotal year for the world of retail.  Sure, you can argue that the retail space has been transforming and changing for quite some time now—clearly the internet and e-commerce turned what we knew about retail for decades completely on its head. After social media came along and flipped it around a few times more, it evolved into a confusing state for brick-and-mortar stores, as they felt pressure to compete with the digital commerce space. But this year, Amazon shifted the trajectory of retail once again. An online behemoth integrating into brick and mortar grocery? Unheard of.

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What Won’t We Be Doing in 2023?

If you could go back to 2012 and ask your past self to picture a world with driverless cars, voice-activated robots, and where normal citizens are preparing to go to Mars, you probably would have assumed that was a world far from the one you were living in. But just five short years later, here we are. These types of technologies are not only within reach, but innovations like Amazon’s Alexa are common in many households and a small group of people are currently being evaluated for interplanetary exploration. With how fast technology moves today (exponentially so) the life we know right now could be vastly different in a very short amount of time.

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Preparing for a World of ‘Experiential Retail’

Big changes are coming to retail, folks. The companies and brands that were once considered exceptions to the rule—think Apple, Starbucks, Mariano’s, Target—are now considered the norm as the rest of the industry scrambles to figure out how to evolve. There’s even a term for this new era: Experiential Retail. It means creating an exciting in-store atmosphere, merging the online presence with in-store expectations—and then seamlessly toggling between the two spaces.

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