Shoptalk is Back and We’re Bringing the VR

Having only one year on the event circuit under its belt, Shoptalk is still quite new, but has proven to be a powerhouse retail and ecommerce conference that attracted more than 3,100 attendees in 2016. Therefore, InContext is honored to be heading to Las Vegas March 19-22 to speak and exhibit at this year’s event, and we’re excited to bring our extensive VR knowledge with us.

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OmniShopper '16 Gets Emotional with Gut vs. Data

OmniShopper 2016 kicked off at the Radisson Blu Chicago on Monday, and with it came opening keynotes summarizing how much has changed in the retail space since just last year. Cybrids? Templosion? These are just some of the phrases that came from opening MC's and "futurists" Erica Orange and Jared Weiner, of The Future Hunters. Yet the next speaker, Jessica Hendrix of Saatchi & Saatchi, was able to meld the importance of technology with the power of shopper emotions. 

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Q&A: Turning up the VR Volume with InContext's Research & Development Team

When it comes to working in the tech space, Research and Development has to be up there for top coolest jobs. At InContext, our R&D team specifically works with the most cutting-edge virtual reality technology to keep us at the forefront of innovation. VR is ready to take off and change how we do everyday things from here on out, and we see immersive virtual reality—which uses headset devices such as Oculus and the HTC Vive—as the next step in our mission to help the B2B commerce space leverage VR simulations to improve business functions.  We wanted to give an inside look into what projects our R&D team is working on now, as well as what they see coming down the road for VR and commerce, so we chatted with InContext's R&D Team Lead, Mike Caputo. 

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