2 Reasons Why Sales Needs to Get on Board with Mixed Reality

Creating, evaluating and implementing a new in-store concept is an intricate process, and for good reason: shoppers will react more favorably to changes that are well-planned and well-executed. Luckily, new technologies are making that process faster and easier for everyone involved. In an industry that has historically shied away from change and innovation, the retail space has finally started to embrace the digital age.

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3 Ways Challenger Brands Can Compete: The Fight for Shelf Space Part 2

  We all love an underdog story. In today’s consumer-driven world, underdogs have a real chance at success, even if the playing field is a little uneven. Take the battle for shelf space in retail, for example.

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The Fight for Shelf Space: Category Captains and Their Changing Role

There was a time where the large manufacturers were the only voices retailers would listen to on managing their categories. This was primarily driven by the fact that conducting consumer and shopper research was extremely expensive and time consuming. That is not the case today thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of the category management process. 

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The Evolution of Category Leadership

Are You a Category Leader? (Check out the infographic below) Recently there has been a lot of dialog around CatMan2.0 and how the category management process needs to evolve. Largely driven by technology and the evolving demands of consumers, category management has experienced a transformational shift. Category leadership [infographic] is a proactive way to increase sales and use available data to drastically change the way we market and sell. It involves becoming a true partner and bringing forward new ideas that will benefit the retailer as well as your brand.

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6 Habits You’ll Want to Adopt for Successful Range Reviews

Category reviews for Q4 are right around the corner. You’ve probably been doing your research and planning months in advance to come up with a concept worthy of pitching to retail partners. But many times, even with months of planning, these concepts can fall on deaf ears.

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3 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Category Review

To get noticed in any setting, you need to make a statement—whether it's the clothes you wear, the way you present yourself, or the ideas you have, standing out means being a little different from the rest. When it comes to category management, making a positive impact on the retailer is key for your recommendations to be approved. The category review process can get to be routine, tedious and "same-old". But it doesn't have to be that way. Take a look at our tips below to make your next category review one they won't forget. 

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Taking Control and Breaking the Category Management Mold

Rumblings of change are growing louder by the day around the retail ecosystem, wreaking havoc on traditional ways of conducting business. Last week, around the same time news of Sports Authority closing its doors made headlines, Apple was announcing its latest store opening in San Francisco, debuting a fresh new layout and footprint that will be rolled out across the brand. Starbucks is another brand that continues to innovate its customer experience as well. So how are some brands able to maintain customer loyalty amid the competition from online shopping, mobile apps, and same-day delivery services, and some cannot?

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How Virtual Data is Changing the Retail Footprint

People aren’t shopping the same way they used to, that much is clear. In the age of automatic replenishment and Amazon Dash buttons, grocery delivery services and in-store mobile offers at retailers, technology has made shopping smarter and more connected than ever before.

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Avoid Arrangement Adversity with Virtual Testing

We previously wrote about how testing within a virtual environment provides significant lessons that traditional research can miss. Now we want to dive deeper into a few of those lessons, to provide some insights into how they play out in the real world. 

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In CPG, Ease of Shopping is a Balancing Act

A few weeks ago we wrote about how testing within a virtual environment provides significant lessons that traditional research can miss. Now we want to dive deeper into a few of those lessons, to provide some insights into how they play out in the real world. One such takeaway involved finding a good balance between product variety and ease of shopping, and how it can make all the difference when it comes to increased sales.

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