Reaching “Iterative Efficiency” in Physical Retail

People like shopping in stores. By most accounts, the vast majority of all retail sales will still be done in physical stores in the year 2025. But, retail will most likely function differently than it has in the past. In some ways, brick and mortar will be like an extension of online, and vice versa—digital will be key to both online and in-store experiences. Retailers like Walmart are already making online ordering available in-store to shoppers, frictionless checkout is gaining steam and augmented reality is already starting to change the way people shop for large household items.

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Brick & Mortar's Digital-First Advantage: Mixed Reality

Brand and store teams need to start thinking differently about brick and mortar retail. That’s no longer breaking news. But the bigger focus now is, how? Digital commerce, rapid delivery and in-store pick up are highly competitive, and customers have seemingly unlimited options at their fingertips. Store teams and marketers have an uphill battle to woo shoppers, but, luckily, they also have some innovative tools at their disposal to do so.

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How Technology is Making Brick and Mortar More Relevant, Not Less

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.   If you believe everything you read when it comes to the fate of commerce, it might seem like you’re the only one who still walks into a store to buy ingredients for dinner, or grab paper towel or hand soap when you run out. From replenishment services to meal delivery to daily deal sites, it sometimes seems like the world of shopping now lives solely online, through apps and in the cloud.

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