Retail is Embracing Augmented Reality (AR) and Here’s Why

Out of the many changes we’ve seen happening in the retail industry, augmented reality might be one of the more fun aspects. Unlike virtual reality, which takes place entirely inside a simulated space, AR overlays digital content into the real world. If you’ve ever used Snapchat or Instagram stories, you’ve probably turned your face into a cat, or enlarged your eyes, or viewed yourself in digital sunglasses. That’s AR. And along with its fun, entertaining aspect, it’s also creating buzz when it comes to shopping experiences.

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Three [More] Ways Virtual Simulations Save You Money on Concept Development

As important as creating engaging in-store experiences and staying on top of changing shopper trends is for retailers and brands, equally important is saving on the bottom line. Brick and mortar retail is in an exciting position right now, poised to take the industry into a brand new territory of unified commerce. But that can't happen without smart business decisions.

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VR’s “Practical” Side: Retail B-to-B 

If you keep up on the latest retail news, you’ve no doubt read about some of the emerging applications of virtual and augmented reality. Together these are part of what is now being referred to as Extended Reality (XR) or Mixed Reality (MR). XR has been successfully utilized by brands like The North Face, Lowe’s, Ikea, and Sephora among many others.

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VR vs. AR {What Do WE Do?}

Virtual reality and augmented reality often get grouped together under one big umbrella of new and disruptive technologies. For good reason—they both offer unique, alternate-reality capabilities that visually transport the user beyond the physical world, and they’re popping up in a variety of industries. But it’s important to understand that VR and AR are not interchangeable technologies. Here at InContext, we currently work solely within virtual reality applications when it comes to innovative solutions for retail. Why? Let me explain.

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