Shoptalk is Back and We’re Bringing the VR

Posted by Gina Joseph on February 27, 2017

shop-talk-2017.pngHaving only one year on the event circuit under its belt, Shoptalk is still quite new, but has proven to be a powerhouse retail and ecommerce conference that attracted more than 3,100 attendees in 2016. Therefore, InContext is honored to be heading to Las Vegas March 19-22 to speak and exhibit at this year’s event, and we’re excited to bring our extensive VR knowledge with us.

Shoptalk differs itself from other conferences in that it aims to take a holistic approach to the discussion of retail's rapid evolution. It covers “how consumers discover, shop and buy—from new technologies and business models to changes in consumer preferences and expectations.” Retailers, manufacturers, tech companies, researchers, investors and the media are invited to come together “to learn, collaborate and evolve.”

As the retail and CPG industry teeters on a precipice, companies have a choice to either adopt solutions for transformative change, or risk continuing with outdated methods toward an uncertain future. It may seem dire, but Gen Y and Gen Z consumers rely on a connected, omnichannel presence, and they are seeking unique, engaging, personalized shopping experiences. For traditional brick and mortar stores, technology is a necessity. That’s why events like Shoptalk are important in today’s landscape, and why we’ll be talking about how virtual reality is helping alleviate some of that uncertainty for companies who embrace it.

We’ll also be demonstrating our ShopperMX™ HIVE at the show’s exhibit hall, where attendees can experience immersive virtual reality and learn how it can create a hyper-realistic environment for manufacturers and retailers to ideate and collaborate new in-store concepts. We’ll explain the potential v-commerce can have on the industry and what that means for consumers.

If you’re planning to attend Shoptalk 2017, be sure to join InContext CEO Mark Hardy during his Tuesday session, Virtual & Augmented Reality in Retail at 8:30 AM PST . And check us out at booth L113 to experience our mobile Hi-Immersion Virtual Experience (HIVE). We look forward to seeing you there!

Gina Joseph

Gina is the Communication Manager at InContext Solutions

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