Forget Power Point: VR Headsets are Here for Next-Level Presentations

Posted by Gina Joseph on August 24, 2017

Next Level wooden sign with a street background.jpegThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is an experience worth? When it comes to retail, it can mean a difference of millions of dollars and months of time. That’s because gaining buy-in for a new in-store concept can be tricky. Even after you’ve already done the heavy lifting to come up with a fresh idea—adjusting and evaluating it until you’re sure you have a winnerit can be difficult to convince decision makers and stakeholders to give it the go-ahead. Often times, pictures and static data using Power Point slides aren’t enough to make them understand a concept’s true impact.   

This is where immersive VR capabilities will prove to be game changers when it comes to gaining buy-in. By using a VR headset, you can bring your audience directly into your vision, for a collaborative, two-way conversation. 

InContext has integrated VR headset capabilities into our ShopperMX™ platform, and here are some reasons why presenting with immersive VR is just, well, better. 

Your presentations will go from static to interactive.

Instead of simply looking at planogram images of new in-store concepts, immersive VR lets the user pick up products and rearrange shelves for a real-world view. For example, you present your concept, but the retailer wants to see how it would look from another angle. You can take them directly to that spot in the store to get a different perspective. Maybe they want to move the signage, or see it in another color—it can all be done on the fly within the virtual world.

Collaborate in virtual (without the real-world headaches.) 

Nothing will convince your audience more than actually letting them experience your concept first-hand. But when time and budget constraints make it difficult for decisions makers to travel to a mock center, immersive VR comes to the rescue. Donning a VR headset allows your audience to clearly experience the concept as a customer might, and get into the shopper’s mindset. It also lets partners and executives experience a new product or concept without having to physically create it in the real world. 

Integrate data and compare side by side. 

Supporting data from VR research is essential to any concept presentation. So instead of listing the results in a spreadsheet or graph, immersive VR lets the user view the data within the virtual store environment. Sales impact, penetration, attitudinal data—that can all be woven into the virtual walk-through. Within a headset the user can get an idea of how different variations of a concept look within different retail environments. They can highlight, segment, and compare options to learn the pros and cons first-hand. 

Leveraging VR headsets for immersive presentations not only speeds up the go-to-market process and ups your chances of gaining buy-in, it also gives you a competitive advantage. Companies need to be innovative if they are going to keep up with today’s shifting landscape, and VR technology can help do just that. 

Gina Joseph

Gina is the Communication Manager at InContext Solutions

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