10 Applications for Virtual Reality Store Simulations

Posted by Patrick Niersbach on August 2, 2018

Supermarket fridgesVirtual reality store simulations are cool. 

There's no getting around that. But how are brands and retailers really using them?

Here are 10 ways virtual store simulations help you understand (& impact) shopper behavior on the path to purchase:

1. Create a new in-store concept (or 100s).
In ShopperMX™, you can iterate on an unlimited number of concepts in a realistic store simulation and narrow down new ideas more quickly. Rearrange aisle configurations, move around products on a shelf, or change up signage in seconds. 

2. Test new concepts with real shoppers.
Curious whether a new concept will drive sales? We recruit survey respondents to “shop” your concept online, so you can understand not only what real world shoppers will buy, but why. We're helping make purchase intent a thing of the past. 

3. Collaborate with partners on the fly no matter where they are.
Everything we do is web-based, which means you can collaborate with internal teams, stakeholders and partners seamlessly and in real-time to design concepts that impact the path to purchase.

4. Roll out new concepts more effectively.
When you activate your new concept with highly immersive virtual simulations, you help get everyone on the same page, and reduce the risk of error upon launch. 

5. Plan your holiday strategy, well in advance. 
Holiday display planning starts far ahead of the actual season. Well, it used to. There's no need to test a Christmas display with shoppers in July anymore—test closer to the actual holiday, and do it all online. Virtual technology cuts out some of that prep and seasonal disconnect

6. Blow your competitors out of the water at sell-in. 
Give your retail partners something to remember. Your recommendations will stand out when presenting new concepts, by showing them off with immersive simulations along with the data to back it all up. 

7. Discover the best POG arrangement for your category.
From predictive models to virtual store research, we can help you uncover the merchandising and category solutions that drive sales.

8. Create a product that gets noticed on the shelf.  
With ShopperMX™, you can quickly and easily upload new packaging to see if it stands out. And if it doesn't, iterate and test until it does.  

9. Design the store of the future, without spending a dime.
ShopperMX™ gives you the power to change everything in the retail store—from macro to micro space planning—so you can iterate new store concepts without the burden of CAPEX or labor costs.

10. Get a jump on the latest technological innovation.  
Mixed reality, including virtual and augmented reality technologies, are starting to make big waves in the business world. For retail in particular, innovation is the key to the future. Joining an immersive VR collaboration session, or walking through a store and using an iPad to place augmented displays in front of you are going to be valuable skills to have in your arsenal. 

Cool factor and much, much more. Contact us to experience the benefits for yourself.


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2014 by Joanna Gueller and has been updated for freshness and to reflect our latest solutions.


Patrick Niersbach

Pat is the Senior Director of Marketing at InContext Solutions.

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