What Will V-Commerce Look Like?

Virtual reality for retail is here. On the B2B level, it is already changing the way manufacturers and retailers develop and execute in-store concepts. On the consumer-facing side, it's still in the early stages. But similar to the groundbreaking qualities of the first iPhone, it’s on pace to quickly transform the way we shop. 

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Who will win Sunday's Big Game? Our super scientific CPG & retail prediction

This Sunday the New England Patriots will battle the Atlanta Falcons for the title of NFL Champion. Whether you watch it for the sport, for the commercials, or for the party food, the Super Bowl is always a nice little break from the daily grind. But since we’re in the CPG and Retail industry, we thought it would be fun to create a "SuperBrand Bowl" (get it?) based on a few of the biggest CPG manufacturers and retailers headquartered in Massachusetts and Georgia. Who will win? Let’s take a look:

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3 Ways Challenger Brands Can Compete: The Fight for Shelf Space Part 2

  We all love an underdog story. In today’s consumer-driven world, underdogs have a real chance at success, even if the playing field is a little uneven. Take the battle for shelf space in retail, for example.

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Robots, VR and more at NRF's Big Show 2017

The Big Show, an annual event by the National Retail Federation, wrapped up this week in New York City after a successful, and eye-opening, series of keynotes and vendor showcases. The latest technology for retail has always been at the forefront of conversation at this event, but what set this year apart may simply be the overall optimistic attitude towards technology itself. 

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The Fight for Shelf Space: Category Captains and Their Changing Role

There was a time where the large manufacturers were the only voices retailers would listen to on managing their categories. This was primarily driven by the fact that conducting consumer and shopper research was extremely expensive and time consuming. That is not the case today thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of the category management process. 

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What We are Looking Forward to in 2017

The retail industry is undergoing unprecedented change due to changing shopper and consumer behaviors. Year after year as consumers’ needs evolve, retailers strive to keep up by introducing new concepts, opportunities and technologies.  With 2017 fast approaching, there are plenty of articles on predictions. But at a time when shopper’s demands are rapidly changing it’s more important than ever to stay up with future trends and ahead of the curve. 

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Leveraging Virtual Reality For Retail To Improve ROI On New Retail Concepts

Regardless of how good something looks in your store or how attractive a new display might be, it’s only as good as its ROI, return on investment. Not everything we do can be broken down into dollars and cents, but figuring out the ROI of an investment is the only way we can be sure it was worth more than we put into it. The more we understand about the costs and financial benefits of new and old strategies and processes, the better we can analyze how these are impacting our businesses and better plan for the future.

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5 Ways VR Enhances the Shopper Experience

There’s no denying the convenience of e-commerce, but in-person shopping is still how more than 90% of all retail purchases are made. Even in the age of infinite online shopping options, spending conducted over the Internet comprises only about 7.8% of all retail sales. To maintain that margin, even with the limits of online sales disappearing and more virtual competition driving prices down for the consumer, the shopper experience is paramount.

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Why We’re Thankful for Virtual Reality This Holiday Season

As the holiday season nears, thoughts of Black Friday and colorfully themed displays dance in our heads. But the holidays aren’t always about fun and joy. Many times they can be stressful. The end of our calendar year means that tax time is near, sales goals need to be met, increased competition, and that’s just within the business side of our lives. We also have to meet expectations from our families.

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The Evolution of Category Leadership

Are You a Category Leader? (Check out the infographic below) Recently there has been a lot of dialog around CatMan2.0 and how the category management process needs to evolve. Largely driven by technology and the evolving demands of consumers, category management has experienced a transformational shift. Category leadership [infographic] is a proactive way to increase sales and use available data to drastically change the way we market and sell. It involves becoming a true partner and bringing forward new ideas that will benefit the retailer as well as your brand.

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