Retail is Embracing Augmented Reality (AR) and Here’s Why

Out of the many changes we’ve seen happening in the retail industry, augmented reality might be one of the more fun aspects. Unlike virtual reality, which takes place entirely inside a simulated space, AR overlays digital content into the real world. If you’ve ever used Snapchat or Instagram stories, you’ve probably turned your face into a cat, or enlarged your eyes, or viewed yourself in digital sunglasses. That’s AR. And along with its fun, entertaining aspect, it’s also creating buzz when it comes to shopping experiences.

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The Future of Retail Rests on Brick & Mortar's Evolution

As the world’s largest e-commerce market, China is nearing a tipping point when it comes to online retail. “Nearly half of the population there is actively making online purchases, leaving little room for growth,” according to a recent report from BI Intelligence. China may very well be reaching the point of saturation when it comes to online sales, at about 20%.

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10 Applications for Virtual Reality Store Simulations

Virtual reality store simulations are cool.  There's no getting around that. But how are brands and retailers really using them? Here are 10 ways virtual store simulations help you understand (& impact) shopper behavior on the path to purchase:

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Are You Ready for Plastic-free Aisles? (And Other Trends Technology Can Help You Prepare For)

We all know how shopper trends are changing the retail landscape. More health-conscious shoppers spurred the ongoing organic and fresh foods movement, and Millennials who began using their mobile phones to shop kicked off the popularity of store apps. 

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Three [More] Ways Virtual Simulations Save You Money on Concept Development

As important as creating engaging in-store experiences and staying on top of changing shopper trends is for retailers and brands, equally important is saving on the bottom line. Brick and mortar retail is in an exciting position right now, poised to take the industry into a brand new territory of unified commerce. But that can't happen without smart business decisions.

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How a Virtual Store Can Help Drive Innovation for Brick & Mortar—and Avoid the Fate of Toys R Us

After 70 years in the business, Toys R Us is shuttering or selling its more than 700 stores in the United States. Despite what dominates the headlines, the toy store was not taken down by online shopping or Amazon. Yes, we all know Amazon has had a huge impact on retail in general, and on physical stores in particular. But that’s only a part of what caused many of the stores closing in the US (and around the globe), and Toys R Us is just the timely example we’re using today. 

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3 Reasons Why Mixed Reality Is Great For Retail

There are a lot of technological buzzwords being thrown around in retail today. Some of them are fairly straightforward, such as beacons, drones, mobile apps—and some of them are a bit more complex, like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and mixed reality (MR). We won’t get into AI or blockchain here—although AI will continue to grow in importance for our work at InContext. But what we do want to focus on is how mixed reality has already started to greatly impact the way retailers and manufacturers approach go-to-market strategies, and engage and connect with shoppers. 

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Slay Your Brand Packaging Design in 3 Steps

There’s a lot that goes into food packaging. From logistics to functionality, to design and finally shopper reaction, the creation of a product package touches many parts of the supply and demand chain and many different teams.

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