How to Supercharge ‘Design Thinking’ with Mixed Reality

Understanding the customer has been the key to successful retailing for as long as the industry has been around. But, fewer shopping channels meant it used to be a lot simpler to do than it is today. With how fast technology has altered how we shop, brands and retailers are often left playing defense when it comes to identifying shopper needs. In a recent article by Gigi Kizhakkechethipuzha for Forbes, he describes a technique, called design thinking, as the process of anticipating those customer needs. He explains that the goal of design thinking is “to understand consumer behavior at the deepest levels, to develop empathy with the person we’re hoping to serve.”

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5 Research Methods Proving the Value in Virtual

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Rich Scamehorn. The disruption and evolution happening to retail right now reaches far and wide. Nearly every aspect of the industry is undergoing some sort of transformation—and that includes the various methods used to gain insight into shopper needs and wants at the shelf. As stores become more experience-focused and retail gets better at balancing the digital and physical spaces to better mirror the way people shop, market researchers need to innovate the way they learn about their shopper, store and product data. We’ve moved beyond purchase intent, you guys. Mixed reality technology is making it faster and easier than ever to gain deeper, actionable insights into the shopper mindset. The following are five common methods of market research that you’re likely familiar with, and the reasons why they need a virtual upgrade, right now:   

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InContext in the Media {Q1 2018 Press Roundup}

InContext Solutions' mixed reality technology has been rocking the retail industry, creating bigger waves of disruption than ever before. This is evidenced through the great number of press mentions and media coverage this quarter, from outlets including VentureBeat, Forbes, PYMNTS, ChicagoInno, Internet Retailing, and more. Take a look below!

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Rebranding the Retail Narrative

“Everyone wants put the word ‘apocalypse’ in the rear view,” said Laura Heller, senior editor of Retail Dive.  As a speaker at Shoptalk 2018 in Las Vegas, Heller found the overall sentiment toward today’s retail landscape to be mostly optimistic. And for good reason. She, along with three other Shoptalk speakers and attendees, joined a panel hosted by The Chicagoland Retail Network to express how retail has started to embrace technology, creating innovation and excitement that is long overdue.

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2 Reasons Why Sales Needs to Get on Board with Mixed Reality

Creating, evaluating and implementing a new in-store concept is an intricate process, and for good reason: shoppers will react more favorably to changes that are well-planned and well-executed. Luckily, new technologies are making that process faster and easier for everyone involved. In an industry that has historically shied away from change and innovation, the retail space has finally started to embrace the digital age.

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Retail Trends Aren’t Data: How to Know What’s Best for Your Shoppers

The influx of news surrounding store closings, mergers, buyouts, and the ever-changing needs of consumers can seem overwhelming and confusing. Which trends will turn into long-lasting practices and which will fizzle out? Should stores be shrinking their footprints? Should the same shelf arrangement that works for a Walmart be the same as the arrangement in a Kroger?   There’s no doubt the landscape is changing, and quickly. Instead of constantly trying to play catch up with shifting trends, doesn’t it make more sense to base decisions on what resonates with your specific customer base, right now?

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Shoptalk: An Ace in the Hole for Retail Reinvention

It’s nearly that time again—the Las Vegas strip will soon become flooded with the nearly 8,000 retail and brand professionals who will make their way to the annual Shoptalk conference March 18-21. It’s set to be bigger and better than ever, as the U.S. and European events have merged to create “the industry’s first global dialogue and community.” The conference has quickly made a name for itself as the place to be for intelligent and impactful discussions into what lies ahead for retail innovation, and 2018 should be no exception.

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A Quick Lesson: Defining Mixed Reality and Its Impact on Retail 

What is Mixed Reality? The term “mixed reality” is a relatively new one. While it’s been popping up in conversation more and more in recent months, we say ‘relatively’ new because mixed reality was actually coined in a research paper back in 1994. The paper’s authors, Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino, defined it as the “merging of real and virtual worlds somewhere along the ‘virtuality continuum’.”

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3 Challenges Becoming Obsolete Through Retail Innovation

When a new technological advancement creates a better way of doing something, why keep doing it the hard way? Phones replaced letters. Cell phones replaced landlines. Soon we’ll chat with our friends through virtual and augmented realities. In order to evolve we have to look at doing things differently, and mixed realities—like VR and AR—are playing a big part in the technological transformation of the retail industry.

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It's in the Data: Brands & Retailers Can Be Confident in VR

It’s not unusual for people to be a bit leery of the concept of virtual reality. Because it doesn’t yet exist in every household, the technology comes with a bit of a stigma—it’s something futuristic and sounds exciting, but the lack of mass market status means some predict its eventual demise. But those people aren’t thinking outside the box.

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