Shoptalk 2017: Tweets & Takeaways

The retail industry, and perhaps, especially, the CPG space, is not necessarily known for being the hippest, most technologically-advanced industry out there. While there are many important, informative conferences for retail professionals, Shoptalk differentiates itself by aiming to offer a fresh, innovative approach to tackling industry challenges. In only its second year on the circuit, the 2017 conference attracted more than 5,000 retailers, manufacturers, shopper marketers, sales professionals, venture capitalists and solutions providers all looking to get a new perspective on the state of retail. And it didn't disappoint. 

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VR is disrupting the retail industry – but not in the way you might think

This article was originally published on LinkedIn as part of the Shoptalk 2017 blog series.   Virtual reality is being talked about a lot right now. Depending on who’s doing the talking, VR is either on its way to change the future as we know it, or it’s on a path toward another 90’s era extinction. Whether or not VR will make its way into consumer’s living rooms any time soon remains to be seen—in the gaming world, it’s an amazing technology but comes at a hefty price. In other industries, however, VR has already made waves when it comes to creating a learning space. We’ve seen how VR can help doctors practice medical procedures without the risk; how it can take children into the solar system; and how it helps people in different cities, countries or continents view real estate without hopping on a plane.

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VR: Helping Startups Win Shelf Space Since 2009

Infographic via CB Insights It’s common knowledge in today’s world of retail that times are not easy for CPG companies and their retail partners. The big players in the space have been busy with mergers and acquisitions in the hopes of gaining back some of their market share, but as fresh and organic food options and delivery services continue to grow, they are facing an increasing amount of competition.

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Why We Joined the VRARA

At one time, not that long ago, virtual reality technology was a futuristic, hypothetical concept for the most part—there were gamers who were very much into the advancement of VR, but it wasn’t something people saw potential in beyond entertainment. Until it was. The past decade has shown us that VR has a multitude of important uses far beyond gaming—it has infiltrated the business world, and created advancements in health and education.

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Tech Gets Niche: AI, IoT and VR in Unlikely Places

When we think about the latest in technological advances, many of us might picture a package-delivering drone, or maybe Elon Musk in the front seat of a self-driving, zero-emission sedan. But there are some pretty amazing technologies that are already making waves within smaller, niche industries as well.

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Shoptalk is Back and We’re Bringing the VR

Having only one year on the event circuit under its belt, Shoptalk is still quite new, but has proven to be a powerhouse retail and ecommerce conference that attracted more than 3,100 attendees in 2016. Therefore, InContext is honored to be heading to Las Vegas March 19-22 to speak and exhibit at this year’s event, and we’re excited to bring our extensive VR knowledge with us.

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What Will V-Commerce Look Like?

Virtual reality for retail is here. On the B2B level, it is already changing the way manufacturers and retailers develop and execute in-store concepts. On the consumer-facing side, it's still in the early stages. But similar to the groundbreaking qualities of the first iPhone, it’s on pace to quickly transform the way we shop. 

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Who will win Sunday's Big Game? Our super scientific CPG & retail prediction

This Sunday the New England Patriots will battle the Atlanta Falcons for the title of NFL Champion. Whether you watch it for the sport, for the commercials, or for the party food, the Super Bowl is always a nice little break from the daily grind. But since we’re in the CPG and Retail industry, we thought it would be fun to create a "SuperBrand Bowl" (get it?) based on a few of the biggest CPG manufacturers and retailers headquartered in Massachusetts and Georgia. Who will win? Let’s take a look:

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3 Ways Challenger Brands Can Compete: The Fight for Shelf Space Part 2

  We all love an underdog story. In today’s consumer-driven world, underdogs have a real chance at success, even if the playing field is a little uneven. Take the battle for shelf space in retail, for example.

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Robots, VR and more at NRF's Big Show 2017

The Big Show, an annual event by the National Retail Federation, wrapped up this week in New York City after a successful, and eye-opening, series of keynotes and vendor showcases. The latest technology for retail has always been at the forefront of conversation at this event, but what set this year apart may simply be the overall optimistic attitude towards technology itself. 

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