Slay Your Brand Packaging Design in 3 Steps

There’s a lot that goes into food packaging. From logistics to functionality, to design and finally shopper reaction, the creation of a product package touches many parts of the supply and demand chain and many different teams.

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Want to Increase Basket Size? Make it Easier to Find That First Product

It's a popular adage that when it comes to in-store shopping, customers will purchase more if a store is set up for browsing—triggering new product awareness and impulse buys. We therefore often arrange our stores to highlight unexpected products and drive serendipitous discovery. This strategy might seem sound, but in the latest report by NRF, respondents reported being much more likely to be seeking to buy a certain item (73%) than to just be browsing (27%).

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The Tortoise, the Hare, and Why Speed to Market Matters More Than Ever

I hope you’re holding on, because things are moving at breakneck speed in the retail space, and it’s only getting faster. For those who are in charge of making sure products get noticed on the shelf and categories continue to grow, it can seem overwhelming to keep up with the competition and the needs of shoppers. So you need to move quickly, but at what cost?

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4 Red Flags to Watch for When Developing Consumer Decision Trees

Retail market researchers need to understand how different products are ranked by shoppers. They’ve traditionally turned to consumer decision trees in order to learn the key drivers that influence people’s decisions at the shelf, which can then be further tested—ultimately leading to the in-store activation of the winning concept. 

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Spurring Retail Innovation Even if Your Team is Still a Bit “Old School”

There’s a reason why people sometimes tend to avoid changes in their lives, and it’s not that they're inherently adverse to change. For example, a change that is easy to acclimate to is often one that benefits you directly, like getting a promotion. But the tendency many of us have to keep doing things the same way usually comes from a place of trepidation or a fear of the unknown. 

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Want to Optimize Next Year's Mother's Day Display? Check out Mixed Reality.

Mother’s Day spending was expected to reach a near-record $23.1 billion this year, according to the annual National Retail Federation survey. That’s great news for retailers and brands—as long as they’re prepared.

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Quick Checklist for Killer Category Management

There are many moving parts to a successful retail strategy, and many details that go into developing and implementing new in-store concepts. If you’re involved in any aspect of category management, there are overarching needs that need to be met in order to successfully stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast moving retail space. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you're armed with the right strategy from the get-go.

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How to Supercharge ‘Design Thinking’ with Mixed Reality

Understanding the customer has been the key to successful retailing for as long as the industry has been around. But, fewer shopping channels meant it used to be a lot simpler to do than it is today. With how fast technology has altered how we shop, brands and retailers are often left playing defense when it comes to identifying shopper needs. In a recent article by Gigi Kizhakkechethipuzha for Forbes, he describes a technique, called design thinking, as the process of anticipating those customer needs. He explains that the goal of design thinking is “to understand consumer behavior at the deepest levels, to develop empathy with the person we’re hoping to serve.”

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