Smarter shopper data. Sharper business insights.

We blow yesterday’s shopper research metrics out of the water.


With the ability to monitor people’s attitudes, behaviors and purchases in a realistic virtual simulation, we make concepts like “purchase intent” obsolete. After all, who needs intent when you have actual purchase behavior?


That’s the power of virtual store research: 
Accuracy that’s never been possible before.


When online consumers “shop” in our virtual environments, they behave exactly as they would in the real world. (For you researchers out there, the correlation between virtual and reality is over .90.) 


We track everything the shoppers do—from purchases to store path to what draws their eyes. Then, we ask about attitudes and beliefs, giving you the final piece of the puzzle: the why behind the buy.


Our virtual store researchers are pros at translating data into the pin-pointed shopper insights you need. 

Visit the InContext Blog for Virtual News

Visit the InContext Blog for Virtual News

Download the Impact of Shelf Placement Whitepaper

Download the Impact of Shelf Placement Whitepaper

Watch the Impact of Shelf Placement Webinar

Watch the Impact of Shelf Placement Webinar

Download the Copy Testing in Virtual Whitepaper

Download the Copy Testing in Virtual Whitepaper


Virtual custom research can tackle any problem you have — easily, effectively, economically. Get inside your shopper experience and see exactly how people will think, act and make decisions at the point of purchase. Make business decisions that make an impact.


When you need answers and you need them now, you need Optimization Reports. We’ve identified the most common in-store marketing challenges — packaging, shelf tests and in-store communication — and created standard solutions that deliver best-in-class answers at a lower cost and in less time.


Did you ever think you could create a new concept, run it by shoppers and quickly understand it's potential market performance? With InContext Solutions' Performance Indicators, you can. Powered by ShopperMX™, you can conduct short shopper surveys to gain real-time performance data.