Ideate. Evaluate. Activate.

Your creative side can’t wait to try this. 


The power of virtual store simulations, in your hands.


In a matter of minutes and a handful of clicks, you can design new store and marketing concepts in a virtual simulation, edit them for success and share them with colleagues and retail partners. From planograms to displays to end caps and signage, creating retailer-specific concepts has never been faster or easier. 


From shopper marketing to category management to field sales to retail operations, ShopperMX makes collaboration on new concepts easy, affordable and fast. 


We also know that coming up with fantastic ideas is only half the battle. You need them to work. ShopperMX™ helps you test new concepts for success—before you invest


Bring in target consumers to “shop” your online environment and gain a real-time indication into what works and what doesn’t. Or apply our exclusive Visual Attention Analysis heat mapping to see if your new concept will catch shoppers' eyes. With the powerful performance indicators contained in ShopperMX™, you'll be able to bring the most powerful data of all to your next meeting: evidence that your new concept will increase sales.

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Create better concepts, based on stronger data and smarter collaboration, with virtual store simulations in ShopperMX™.