Ideate. Evaluate. Activate.

New From ShopperMX™:
ShopperMX™ Connect
ShopperMX™ Indicators 

Virtual Features: 

  • Create: Planograms, Displays, Fixtures and New Layouts
  • Share Concepts and Iterate Designs Across Teams
  • Apply Our Visual Attention Analysis Heat Mapping to see if your new concept will catch shoppers' eyes
  • Capture High-Resolution Videos and Photos

 Real Benefits: 

  • Test New Concepts for success, Before You Invest
  • Streamline In-Store Design Process
  • Improve Compliance

Case Studies:
Field Communications
New Item Activation
Retail Innovation
Shelf Design Optimization

ShopperMX™ Connect 


Web-based virtual reality simulation & insights platform

In a world where retail innovation is key to staying relevant but costs and time invested in this process can be exorbitant, ShopperMX™ is changing how companies ideate, evaluate and activate new concepts.  

Whether reviewing store layout, category assortment, product adjacencies, planogram flow or in-store marketing, ShopperMX has the tools and services you need to move business forward. 

Why ShopperMX™?  

3D virtual store simulations power faster, smarter, more profitable decisions

Virtual is better than reality.  Virtual reality brings your ideas to life before making a real-world investment.  If you are spending on mock centers, travel, real-estate, fixtures, labor, sales materials, research or category reset fees during the retail innovation and planning processes, there are opportunities to save money and improve process with ShopperMX™.



From shopper marketing to category management to field sales to retail operations, ShopperMX™ makes collaboration on new concepts easy, affordable and fast.