Virtual shopper insights for better in-store concepts.

virtual store research & insights
web based planning software
3d virtual presentation movies

A great idea is a great thing to have. But we know there’s more to it. You need confidence that your new idea will work. Confidence it won’t flop, confidence your stakeholders are onboard, confidence you can implement it with ease.


Gain confidence in new ideas with virtual store simulations.


By creating simulations of new concepts before you invest, you don’t have to wonder how they’ll fare in the market—you know. We use virtual reality technology to help you ideate with peers and generate the best new concepts, evaluate your ideas to gain insight into real world performance and finally, activate new concepts in the market.


Our best-in-class virtual solutions—research, web-based shopper marketing software and 3D movies—give you the shopper insights you need to create winning in-store ideas: hindsight, upfront.

Virtual store research & insights
Virtual simulation software
3D virtual simulation movies