5 Reasons to Feel the VR Love

Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your affection for the people you hold dear. But in this case, we’re talking about the adoration we feel towards technology. Specifically, virtual reality and immersive simulations. VR has come a long way, and here are a few reasons why it deserves some love this Heart’s Day.

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New Design, Same Great VR Solutions

Since it's a new year we thought, why not polish up a bit? We welcome you to take a look around our revamped website, where we've created a more holistic approach to how we present our CPG and retail solutions, encouraging enterprise-wide collaboration—as well as a sleek, updated design that compliments our cutting-edge virtual technology!

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VR Can Even Help "Sharks" When It Comes to In-Store Visualization

If you’re familiar with the ABC program Shark Tank, you may also know its’ spinoff series Beyond the Tank, which follows the newly minted entrepreneurs in their quest to market and sell their product, with feedback and advice from one of the “Sharks.”  

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Are You in Need of a Category Management Overhaul? Take Our Quiz!

It's no secret that in-store experiences are shifting to focus on shopper personalization. But how does this change the way CPG manufacturers and retailers should be thinking about the category review process? Take this quiz to get a read on whether or not your category management is standing up to the changing times, and read our latest white paper, Off the Shelf, Into the Basket: The Future of Category Management, to learn how virtual reality can help create that optimized shopper experience you need.   

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VR Applications Beyond Gaming at CES 2016

CES 2016 came to a close this past weekend in Las Vegas, and it sounds like it didn’t disappoint with the amount of fascinating new innovations, gadgets and experiences showcased this year. We didn’t attend, but we kept a close eye on what was trending online, especially when it came to retail, e-commerce and the future of virtual reality.

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The Year Ahead in VR and CPG

Nothing like the start of a new year to get you thinking about the future. Those in the world of consumer packaged goods and retail—just like most other industries—are searching for ways to work smarter, learn from past shortcomings, and turn what went right into everyday practices for 2016.

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2015: A Virtual Year In Review

It's hard to believe this year is coming to a close already, but what a year it's been. Here at InContext, we launched some great new products and led speaking engagements and webinars centered around the values of virtual reality store simulations.  

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Why Brick & Mortar Needs E-Commerce

Most likely, you’ve heard of—and have even purchased from—e-commerce businesses like Warby Parker or Blue Apron. And you probably don’t even think twice about ordering anything from Amazon. It would be unusual not to shop online or use e-commerce services that make life a little easier these days. There’s been a lot of doom and gloom when it comes to the future of physical stores in the retail and CPG space, yet an engaging in-store experience is more important than ever before in this digital world.

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Reasons to be Thankful for VR

As leaves cover the ground and families gear up for the holidays, it's that time of year to pause for a moment and think about all you're thankful for. While each of us here at InContext have different reasons to give thanks this year, we collectively agree that as a company we should recognize our appreciation for virtual reality technology. 

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3 Learnings from OmniShopper International

The 2015 OmniShopper International conference took place last week in Paris, and we were excited to be able to attend, as well as serve as presenters. We gleaned many new insights, and found that among the numerous sessions, keynotes, and networking opportunities a few clear themes emerged. 

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