Stunning visuals. Smart research. Striking insight.


InContext Solutions is dedicated to providing the best retail and shopper solutions possible, powered by virtual shopping simulations. We uncover nuances in consumer buying behavior, giving you the data and insight you need to make confident business decisions.


Before us, people said online streaming of realistic 3D environments wasn’t possible. We found a way to stream virtual shopping simulations over the web, allowing you to collaborate better with your peers and conduct more flexible, in-depth shopper research studies.


We didn’t stop there.


We developed ShopperMX™, the world’s first web-based DIY software, enabling you to create and manipulate 3D simulations of retail environments. We gave manufacturers and retailers access to this highly flexible, collaborative planning tool. We revolutionized the way that companies can learn what shoppers are buying—and why.


We did it all for one reason:
to help you achieve store-planning greatness.


From concept ideation to evaluation to activation, we help you visualize concepts, test new ideas with real shoppers, and share results with your colleagues. In less time, for less money and with less stress than ever before. 


Our clients tell us they’ve experienced more creative ideation sessions, better collaboration with internal and external partners, and higher compliance with new concept implementation. That makes us happy. Take a look at our Resource Center for some case studies, videos and white papers that show just how they did it.


Every person on our staff is dedicated to client delight. Every day, we look for ways to increase your confidence in new concepts and help you make smarter business decisions.

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